Daily  mornings and evenings Traditional guided Ashtanga classes and Mysore Style.

I offer free weekly classes for students who suffer from major injuries, inequality  and fragile situations and elderly students.

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Workshops & Courses

Monthly workshops and special courses to study in depth the subtle aspects of the Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Method.

With personal and safe hands on adjustments.

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Goa -  Bali -  Kathmandú -  Dubai - Madrid.

The Art of establishing a daily-solid Ashtanga practice. Deepen in the Traditional Method and technical aspects of the Vinyasa System.

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Indiana II pequeño

Indianalaya is a sacred space a calm atmosphere for the students to practice at their own time and peace. Shala of Karuna & Mudita, compassion and contentment for others and for your own practice.

"One who is free from all material desires, who is neither delighted nor disturbed by joys and sorrows is the one who stands firm in wisdom"

The Bhagavad Gita Ch.2:56