"I am extremely grateful to all the teachers I found on my way, they showed me the path and the light, guiding me into the truth. Special thanks to my teacher and Guru Sharath Jois for educating me in Compassion and in Respect.... And thank you Rolf Naujokat for years of intellectual , profound and pure practice in that beautiful Rooftop..."

Fatima Garcia De Andres

Fátima took up her dance studies at the age of 8. During that time she received her firsts Yoga Classes, a special Yoga method based on alignment and postural correction for dancers. After this first Yoga experience in Spain, she moved to Paris in where she continues with her dance and art studies, and also had the opportunity to unite the Yoga basis into her daily dance routine. In the meantime she studied History of Art at the University in Madrid and did her Ph. Doctor in Contemporary Art.

After that Fátima moved to India, in where the Yoga path and the self transformation began…. She started her Yoga studies in Chennai in the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram Institute. At the same time she was fascinated with the Ashtanga Yoga method, so started her practice in the Ashtanga Institute of Chennai. She then travel to north India, to Bihar school of Yoga in where she was introduced to the Yoga Philosophy.
After that she decided to understand other traditions, and went to Kerala in where she made the Teacher Training Course in Sivananda Dhanwantari Ashram. Months after she moved to Himalayas, Uttarkashi where she did her first intense Pranayama course under the Sivananda tradition. After that Fátima came back to Chennai and started to teach Yoga in 136.1 Yoga studio for two years.

After some years of searching, Fátima found in Ashtanga Yoga her path and way of life. In India she started to study with well known Ashtanga teachers such as Monica Marinoni, Alex Medin, Petri Raisanen, Gabriella Pascoli, Regina Ehlers, Philippa Asher, Nea Ferrier and Rolf Naujokat with whom she studied in Goa for more than 3 years. One of her most beautiful experience is to have the opportunity to study in the Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga institute in Mysore for four years. In her fourth year in Mysore her Guru Sharath Jois gave her the Autorization Level 2 and his blessings to teach the Traditional Method. She started to teach Ashtanga in Swan Yoga Retreat in Goa, at the same time she was leading courses of the basic alignments in the Ashtanga Method. This experience with the students encouraged her to write her first Yoga Book, a small Ashtanga guide addressed to beginners. During this process, Fátima started to study Anatomy applied to Yoga, subject in which she is actually immersed.

After this intense period, travels, research and intense study Fátima has developed her own method called Yoga Dance alignment Theraphy /Theraphy for Dancers and Gymnast, in where she is integrating Anatomy, Art, Breath and Movement.

Her encounter with the famous and awarded Dr. David Lujan encouraged her to study acupuncture under his guidance, being introduced to different healing techniques as acupuncture, Moxibustion and the use of Gua-Sha and Cupping.

Once she moved to Dubai, Fatima started to focus on the healing therapies, and decided to Study Gong Meditation with her teacher Zarine Dadachanji, and the Gong Master Don Conreaux.
Since 2018 Fatima is leading her own Mysore Program, now located in Kite Beach, Dubai.


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