Guided Classes- Led Primary

The students can find daily evenings traditional Ashtanga guided classes. The main objective  is to bring close to the students an appropriate approach to the Primary Series ( Yoga Chikitsa-Yoga Therapy).
Guided classes give beginners a sense of the structure of the practice. They are the optimum  way to learn how to practice with the correct sanscrit Vinyasa count, proper breathing and safe use of bandhas and dristhi.
In those classes, you will find hands-on adjustments for the student to understand better the "Sthiti", the state of the pose and benefits. An assistant teacher will accompany Fatima in every class.

*Intermediate guided classes will be available depending of the number of students who are currently practicing Second series.


Saturday's 8 to 9:30am


Mysore style classes

In Mysore class you can show up anytime during the posted hours and will be taught the Ashtanga sequence one posture at a time. As you repeat the postures daily, you gradually increase your knowledge and create an independent, personal practice.
New students are required to commit to a consistent Mysore practice of at least 3 times per week. One does no need any knowledge of the postures or the sequence prior to attend this class. The teacher  will assist each student as necessary, and will work individually with the students, as they move at their own pace through a set series of postures. The Mysore practice allows for one-on-one instruction and more specific guidance from the teacher.
*There will be no Mysore classes on new and full moon.


Monday to Friday 6 to 9 am

Ashtanga Pranayama Classes

Ashtanga Yoga has six asana series, likewise this tradition has six pranayama series. Traditionaly Ashtanga Pranayama techniques  were introduced to the students who already  finished intermediate.

Those techniques are as follows:

  • Technique 1.- Ujjay Breathing
  • Technique 2.- Ujjay Breathing Complete
  • Technique 3.- Nadhi Shodana
  • Tecnique 4.- Bhastrika
  • Technique 5.-Surya and Chandra Bedhana
  • Tecnique 6.- Sitali or cold Pranayama.

The practice of pranayama has huge and tangible  benefits on our integral health,  and such a positive impact on our entire organism. All benefits of pranayama cannot be written down, there are lot of subtle changes like mental peace and clarity of thought that occur in our mind. However one should learn pranayama under the guidance of an expert teacher, who can introduce slowly all the  Pranayama subtle  and technical aspects, as Puraka-Rechaka and  Kumbhaka.

*The Ashtanga pranayama series will be introduced in special classes, designed for the students with a current  daily-solid asana practice.


Wednesday's 7 to 8pm


Evening Classes 

Monday: Pro Stretching-Strength-Mobility Master Class 6 to 7 pm

Tuesday: Gong Meditation and Sound Healing 7 to 8pm

Thursday: Pro Stretching-Strength-Mobility Master Class 6 to 7 pm

Private Classes
Available during weekdays, bookings through our e-mail

For Bookings

Send us a mail to indianalayaashtangayoga@gmail.com