Invernadero Shop

This beautiful girl, is my Sister, Cova. A Doctor of Medicine who changed her fate and transformed herself into a creator, into a designer of an anti-cruelty-slow-vegan-fair produced company called INVERNADERO. @invernaderoshop.

It was there always in her, latent, like a pulsation.I could see, when we were kids, while she was making my hair in our way to school, when she was drawing and designing the clothes for all my dolls, when she was sewing while I was dancing, while she was talking with our Grandmother ( the love of our life) about patterns, silks... hours and hours, while I was just hanging from trees.

Invernadero born back at that time, and today she proved right and proud that beautiful little kid who spend more that 11 years studying medicine while she dreamt about Creation.

Invernadero is the spanish word for GreenHouse. This beautiful crystalhouses in where life blossom. We were expose to those quite a lot while we were kids, our beloved Grandfather used to spent hours there, while we both were experiencing the plants smells, the humidity the weird tools, the spiders and that beautiful sun light coming from above.

Im very proud to introduce @invernaderoshop for many reassons. But specially because I do believe on it, I believe in the process of knowledge, process of creation, in being fearless, I believe in the braves, in the ones who creates, and above all, I do believe in the ones who respect the life around, the ones who respect the work of others.
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Cova Garcia De Andres