April 2022

-Intermediate Series. Deep Review, technique and understanding of the second series poses. Theory and practice. We will study in depth each pose, from anatomical and subtle perspective, the Sanskrit names and meaning behind, and the correct vinyasa method.

16&17 APRIL: Saturday and Sunday 10am to 1pm & 2pm to 4pm

May 2022

-Sound Healing training. Learn the history of Gongs, the power of vibration, their origin and their benefit. Learn how to play Gongs, to distinguish in between different mallets, stands and accessorize. Learn how to play the Tibetan bowls, tank Drum, Chimes, Sruti box  and a variety of other healing instruments and how to create your own sound healing Meditation session. At the end of the course you will be able to run an effective Sound Bath session, while you will acquire a deep understanding of the meaning of sound and vibration.

28&29 May: Saturday and Sunday 10 to 13 pm/ 5 to 7 pm

June 2022

-Yoga Anatomy Series, Part I. Understanding anatomy in movement. Anatomy of Backbends.

As practitioners is very important that we do not get stuck in the basic understanding of asana. Studying anatomy make us understand that asanas are not individual entities but they are related to one another of a greater whole. This course will encourage you to explore your knowledge about yoga anatomy through  experiencing your own body.

The first Anatomy series is around the backbends. In the Part II we will work around the Hips rotation. And in part III  we will target the Twisting.

Part I Backbends 

25&26 June: Saturday and Sunday 10 to 12 am / 5 to 7 pm

July 2022

-Crystal Healing Training.

Crystal Healing is the art of  placing crystals in coordination with the body’s energy centers . These aspects are also known as  chakras in the Hindu philosophy. Crystals has the ability to promote emotional and mental harmony, while the  body can  experience perfect conditions to heal naturally.

This course in Crystal Healing ensure that the student develops their own healing potential, by understanding the energies of crystals. Students will also learn to recognize each crystal and  their application in the body. And they will study in depth the Chakra system with an introduction of the ancient tantra philosophy.

9&10 July: Saturday and Sunday 10 to 12pm / 5 to 7pm


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